Privilege Care provides high quality care at home

Privilege Care is a high quality care provider in your own home. Our staff is highly trained, sophisticated and specialised in working with customers and their families by providing unique and tailor made services.

What are the benefits of home care

Home care allows you or your loved ones to avoid the hassle of moving into residential care. Instead, you can stay in the comfort of your own home, keep your independence, preferred routines and ways of life.


Home care can really make a positive difference in a person's life. For example, carers often visit first thing in the morning to prepare the person's day with a hearty breakfast and a cheerful conversation. This all-important first interaction can make the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Our staff



We recruit only the best. Our Staff is highly trained and professional. All our staff undergo  DBS check (Disclosure Barring Services) or otherwise known as criminal record check. This is to ensure that our customers are in safe hands. There is a compulsory training program that every staff member has to complete.

We would like to welcome only the best as our focus is providing a service second to none to our valued customers. We look after our staff so we believe our staff will look after our customers.

Packages of care are tailored to an individual’s needs and can range from half an hour per week to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


There are many ways that you can fund your care services and this may depend on your eligibility. Customers can qualify for NHS or social care funding from local authorities or fund via direct payment individual budget or through private payments.Regardless of which scheme you choose to fund your care services, we always provide a higher standard of professional and reliable care services to all our customers equally.


On your request, your local council’s social services team is obliged to perform an assessment of your care needs. If assessment shows that you need care, they will undertake a financial assessment, which will take your income and savings (Not the value of your home) into account and establish your eligibility to receive financial assistance from the state.


Home Care can be funded in several ways. In most of the situations local councils, and some Primary Care Trusts, will pay all or part of the costs of care.


In England and Wales people may be required to make a financial contribution towards their cost of care. The local council will provide the care themselves or purchase from a list of approved care companies.

Alternatively, you or your family may choose to fund your care, without any state assistance.  You may choose to use a local homecare company or possibly employ someone yourself.  However, if you employ your own care worker you should be aware of your potential obligations as an employer. Such as health and safety, training, manual handling, disclosure, liability insurance for public and employee. Ect.  

You may also wish to enhance the range of services subsidised by your local council by purchasing extra help from an independent homecare company.


VAT is not usually charged on homecare services. However, it is important to know whether any fees quoted by providers include VAT or not.

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